Getting Driving License in Nepal !

License is the permit to drive vehicles on any country. It’s illegal to drive vehicle without license. In Nepal, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport (Department of Transport Management) has authority to distribute license to one who fulfills the terms and conditions provided by them. Department of Transport Management of Nepal is now strictly distributing license. There are certain criteria to get driving license in Nepal.


  • One should be a Nepali Citizen and must have the citizenship card.
  • He/she should  at least be 16 years to get license of category (A) i.e. Motorcycle, Scooter, Moped.
  • He/she should be at least 19 years to get license of category (B) i.e. Car, Jeep, Delivery van (also called light vehicles).
  • He/she should cross 21 years to get license of heavy vehicles i.e. Bus, Truck, Lorry etc.
  • He/she should be physically fit.
  • Fee for using driving vehicles while taking the test/trail drive exam for driving license
  • If you can fulfill the criteria given above you can step ahead to get the license.


  • Go to the Department of Transport Management in your district and get the application form from there.
  • Fill the form with the necessary information. You must enter the information that is mentioned in the citizenship. You should attach your two passport size photos on the form.
  • You also require medical report for the submission of form. A copy of citizenship and Qualified medical report should be attached with the form.Also Rs. 10 government ticket must be pasted in your form. Finally submit your form by paying the amount mentioned by the government and receive the admit card from the office.
  • Date and time for the driving test/trial exam will be mentioned in your admit card. You can refer particularly driving guideline book for the exam of any publication and prepare by looking the format provided by Department of Transport Management.
  • Appear the test exam and do well. If you pass the exam you should appear next and final practical exam i.e. driving test or trail.
  • In trail exam you cannot use your own vehicle. You need to use the vehicle provided by the management board .
  • If you pass the final exam than you have to go to Department of Transport Management office in your district and collect your driving license and have authority to drive vehicles .
  • Note: One year will your license trial period . In case of any accidents, and violations of traffic rules and regulations, your driving license will be seized.
Sample Layout for Bike/Scooter Trial
Sample Layout for Bike/Scooter Trial


Traffic Police App

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Estimated Cost
Estimated Cost
  1. Install Traffic Police App for more detailed information like; Sample Written Question Paper, Various Traffic Signs and many more…
  2. Take Pre-Test Trial Class before appearing trial examination for enhancing your confidence.
  3. Know how engine, brake, clutch, gear bla bla works by watching videos on Youtube

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