Trip to Daman, Palung, Chitlang and Kulekhani

Participants: Bijay, Prakash, Liladhar, Kapil, Purushottam, Kaushik, Tarjan, Muktinath, Niranjan, Ishwori and Maheshwor

20th May 2016 Friday:

             Someone said “Travel broadens our mind” and yes, I felt the same. We started our journey on Friday 20th May, 2016 after office. There were nine fellow including me. We traveled by bike. A heavy shower started just after we began traveling. It was very stunning moment. A big stone fell near us, and it was our luck that it didn’t hit. We reached Chunia @ 4:34pm and had launch. Meat, flattened rice, curry were preferred. Rain stopped after we resumed our journey. We reached at Simvangyang @ 6:51pm. It altitudes 2488m and felt so cold. I changed my cloths beside the road. After knowing that Gaurishankar Hotel and Lodge has vacant rooms, we went there. Met Ishwori and Maheshwor, friends of Prakash, from Kathmandu. Looked at rooms, thinking it would be comfortable to sleep, booked 2 rooms. The rent for room was 1100/- and 700/- NPR which had 6 beds and 2. Ishwori was slight different among them when he talked. He talked about Truth, Honesty, Moral and Free mind. Tarzan slept earlier. I also slept, With no dream but with dreams.

21st May 2016 Saturday:

             Got up at about 5:30am after Tarjan. Went to top of the lodge and looked at Palung Valley. It was cloudy morning, so we couldn’t see the mountains. Anyway, it was beautiful as it was a real nature. Kaushik sir distributed tea to us. Prakash, Ishwori, Lila, Niranjan and Maheshwor went to the View tower. I thought it wouldn’t be different than looking from the rooftop, so I didn’t go. Left Gaurishankar at about 7. Reached on the office of Thaha municipality, where statue of Rupchandra Bista known as Thaha was standing like a legend. We took photo there and moved ahead to Bajrabarahi. The road was very muddy, crossed that part with great effort. We visited bajrabarahi temple, where people were worshiping. I liked the wall painting of god Shiva. Had breakfast at Narahiti, it was malpa, noodles, thukpa.  We headed to Chitlang Goat Farm, where we tested goat cheese. It is the first place to produce goat cheese in Nepal. It tastes bit sour to me, most fellow felt it good. We tested the wine made from aalubakhada. We visited ancient shilalekh which approve Lichhivi King Udayadeva as a king in the history of Nepal. Then, we headed to Chitlang goat farm. It was very scenic. I remembered the piece of poem “where the mind is without fear”

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free…”

            Returned towards Indrasarovar, the biggest lake built by people in Nepal. 8 of us enjoyed boating. It was so interesting to be in between the lake and most importantly among good friends. We were so hungry as it was around 1pm when we had rice and fish-curry. It was so delicious, I don’t know if it was hunger or the meal that tests good. We headed towards kulekhani. Three of our fellow left for Kathmandu. We crossed Kulekhani dam. I was so amazed, the whole dam was built with only pile of stones. The earthquake last year partially affected. For security reason only single person rode over the dam. Felt so cold on Deurali, some bought aalubakhada and vegetables. We stopped at Kulekhani hydro power 1st. Prakash, Lila and Muktinath requested to visit inside the tunnel. After showing identity card, they allowed us to enter. It was like miracle to me to visit that technology inside a hill where I travel often and didn’t imagine. Thanks to the Japanese aid. We returned to Hetauda, and finally a problem occurred. Niranjan didn’t have blue book of the bike, and the traffic police was checking ahead. We returned and came via rapti riverside road. The journey we thought was completed.

Waiting for next adventure…